Snowed In

 Today we couldn’t go anywhere because of snow.  They’d predicted it, and when it didn’t actually materialize by yesterday afternoon, we thought they’d "misunderestimated," to quote our former president.  When relatives called us, we pooh-poohed their concerns, as the morning snow had changed to rain.  But THEN it began snowing in earnest, plastering the wet, then freezing, surfaces with heavy and dense snow.  It snowed all night, stymieing all efforts by my husband to leave the valley (though he certainly did try, at 4:00 a.m., to go to work).  Under that layer of snow on my car, there was a thick glacier that took over 1/2 hour for me to chip off; A had started the work earlier.

Flights were canceled, except for these birdies. 

Can you see the clothesline pulled down by the weight of the soaked, then frozen lines?

In the end we went nowhere, and I was sad because we had tickets to my student teacher’s dance performance.  I had to console myself with some of her performance that have shown up on youtube. The other consolation was that nobody else in the area could go anywhere either.  Madison Metro buses weren’t running, and almost every event was cancelled.  (Except for Ella’s dance show!)

Because I was home, I did some cooking, although no photos of today’s meals.  Last night, though, I made some kale-onion-seitan saute for rice, and some banana bread.

Oh, and seitan.

Today I made split pea soup, which I realized wouldn’t be done by dinner time, so I quickly made some quinoa, buternut squash, and Trader Joe’s "soycatash" with added vegetables. Our driveway just got plowed, so I think there will be no choice except to go to work tomorrow.  It was a nice snow day! 
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2 Responses to Snowed In

  1. wei_k says:

    Beautiful! and I hope the roads are in condition by the morning when you have to drive on them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The thing I hate about storms is clearing ice from the windshield. That sucks. The rest looks so gorgeous. I know it’s trouble, but it’s so pretty. I hope the competent Wisconsin (as opposed to not–so-competent WA) street crews have properly and safely cleared the roads. Travel safely and enjoy the scenery.
    The kale looks so good!

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