Cold days, colder nights

 As the winter solstice approaches, we are freezing.  At school for the past two weeks, I wore so many layers every day I felt roly-poly (and still wasn’t warm enough).  At home, I wear a vest, long underwear, and a few shirts.  And that’s in a house that actually has heat!  (Supposedly…. I guess we could keep the thermostat higher….)  This evening at 8:00 p.m., the deck thermometer says 0 degrees F (too lazy to go figure out what that means in C).  When it’s this cold, I want to hunker down and eat soup.  Perhaps I’ve overdone it, though, two weeks in a row, when I made very large pots of soup.  One lasted almost all week, and what I made tonight may perhaps rival it.  The first was split pea soup. 

Tonight was "Clam-free chowder" from Vegan Guinea Pig.  If there’s anything my Rhode Islander husband misses after 30+ years of vegetarianism, it’s clam chowder.  (My aunt can attest to that!) So of course I had to make this recipe.  Although I can’t ever remember eating clam chowder myself, and so had nothing to compare, I certainly thought it was great.  We didn’t have oyster mushrooms, but baby portobellas worked just fine. 

Last night I made the standard husband favorite of pecan loaf, roasted potatoes and salad.  Yeah. 


It was sunny today, with a high about 13, and despite the cold I took my first outdoor walk in several weeks.  (I’ve been hiding out at the gym for some virtual walking, biking and rowing.)  My neighbors took a fabulous hike on trails though the woods.  I wish I had brought the camera, but perhaps the lens would have just fogged up the way my glasses did as I slogged along in almost a foot of snow.  

It’s cold all over the world, I think, and snowy, and this makes for some intense speculation regarding my family’s travel plans in the coming week.  You see, in two days I’m scheduled to fly to Rome to meet my daughters.  One’s trekking from southwest China, the other may be snowbound in the Netherlands.  Will we all make it?  Stay tuned… but don’t hold your breath…. I may not be able to post until we are all back safe and sound.  With luck, by next weekend I’ll be eating (first finding, then eating) vegan pasta in Florence!

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8 Responses to Cold days, colder nights

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you all arrive safe and sound (and warm and on time!) in Rome. Have a great trip. Your cold-weather food looks delicious — I’m glad the oven is still working.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your husband’s from RI? So am I! What did he think about the chowder?
    Best of luck with your travels! Florence sounds like a mighty nice place to be right now. 🙂

    • wingraclaire says:

      He liked it a lot, and honestly can’t really remember exactly how the real stuff tastes… it’s just a fond memory at this point!
      Yes, we are both Rhode Islanders – him born and breed, me just the high school years. Warwick and Cranston 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s good to know – I’ll have to try it sometime. I haven’t had any type of chowder in many a year!
        Neat! I grew up in Warwick and all my family is still there. 🙂

      • wingraclaire says:

        Well, that’s cool!
        I’m sure you know of the Garden Grille in Providence (oh, OK, Pawtucket. Or East Providence. Or whatever.) If you go over break, soak up some delicious food for me!

  3. wei_k says:

    Hurray for LJ being the (now seemingly only) blog not blocked in China. That means I can even see the pictures. Beautiful-looking food, btw…. makes me want to go eat some breakfast!

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