Eating vegan in Italy

Before I went to Italy, people asked me how I was going to manage – after all, isn’t Italian food loaded with cheese?  And don’t they emphasize meat in their cuisine?  I always answered that I’d be happy to just eat pasta for a week, although it turned out I didn’t have to do that.  My younger daughter, henceforth known as Va Bene, spent the entire semester there and managed as an ovo-lacto vegetarian just fine.  And I was able to eat 99% vegan food – any slips were either accidental or I just didn’t make a fuss at that point….

I already knew of a vegan restaurant in Florence: La Dolce Vegan.  It sounded wonderful… unfortunately, it turned out to have been closed on the one day we journeyed to that side of town.  *Sigh*  Oh well, next trip!

Quite by accident, we stumbled across Ruth’s Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant in Florence’s Jewish neighborhood, which is where VB lived.  In fact, there is a historic synagogue (with accompanying museum) there, which was, of course, closed when we went there.  (It was Friday afternoon.  The next day, the Sabbath, was also Christmas.  On Sunday we went to Pisa.  And so it goes.) The synagogue, from the outside, was very beautiful and I’d love to see the inside sometime.

The restaurant popped up at the perfect time.  I had a terrible cold, and it was raining, and all I wanted was some soup.  Well, I had a wonderful bowl of minestrone soup there! 

Check out their clock, which of course is read from left to right.

The local supermarket had a bunch of Kosher products!

Next time: felafel!  And cooking at home!

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One Response to Eating vegan in Italy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course you found a kosher deli in Florence. Why not?

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