Pizza here and there

 We’re having a cold streak – even for us.  This morning the temperature in our valley was -18 (that’s -28 C), and the high is not expected to be all that "high."  On Friday, the morning temp was -22.  The car was NOT happy to be asked to start!  At least it’s sunny today, so the laundry I hung in the living room has some chance of drying in one day.  However, the house is pretty cold, and I’m sitting here in quite a few layers. 

In Italy, it was rainy and cold for the first four days of my trip, and after that it was sunny and cold.  In almost any photos of me taken there, I was frequently bundled up; many public places were only minimally heated.  One day in  Florence, VB took us to what she promised was the best pizza ever, and in my opinion she was quite correct.  The place was called Gusta Pizza, and there was a wait when we arrived. Check out their beautiful wood oven!

VB assured me there was vegan pizza on the menu, and there was!  The Italians do more with a few simple, good quality ingredients than we Americans do with zillions of toppings.  Notice that first on the menu is a pie topped with garlic, oregano, and olive oil.  

The girls opted for the Margherita, which only had a few dollops of mozzarella and some sprigs of basil.  Mine was delicious, and they said the same of theirs.  Can you tell I still had a bad cold?

Back at home, I made pizza this past Monday when we had a school holiday.  Normally Monday is "pizza day" at school, and I always bring some home for A.  I decided to make some from scratch, which we always really like.  I used the focaccia recipe for the base, and topped them with spinach, garden basil (yes, we still have some in the freezer), sauteed onions and portobello mushrooms, olives and peppers.  Oh, and garlic.  Notice A still likes some cheese on his; I mixed some ground walnuts into the spinach on mine and I like it that way.  It makes it a little pesto-y without going to a lot of trouble. 

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4 Responses to Pizza here and there

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hope you have more Italy-inspired posts on the way – I’m enjoying all of them! It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your girls, despite being slightly sick.
    I’m planning a trip to Florence to visit a friend, so I’m also taking note of all the vegan-friendly eateries you mention. Last time I was in Italy I wasn’t vegan, so this will be a new experience for me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Now you’re making me want pizza instead of the tempeh that’s been marinating for hours. I had pasta in Italy that only seemed to have parsley and olive oil, and it was so much more delicious that any other pasta loaded with toppings — just like you said about pizza.

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