And now a guest post from the magical land of Shangri-la

 Enjoy a peek into the world of Polo Marco!

Chinese Cats Eat Rice

Hello everyone, apologies for the long silence. This being March—and therefore anniversary of various Bad Things Happening in Western China–the internet quality this month has been sporadic and slow, which is detrimental to e-mailing and off-putting for attempting to blog. (See this article for more on China’s internet these days.) I have also just gotten over having a bad case of flu this whole past week. And while 4 days of almost-total bed rest would seem condusive to blogging…it wasn’t. I did, however, read The Walk Across America: Part 1, by Peter Jenkins, in its entirety, and finished Chapter 1 (it was 15 pages!!) of 《许三观卖血记》, or Chronicles of a Blood Merchant, by Yu Hua. Much healthier these past few days and ready to move onto Walk Across America: Part 2, and Chapter 2 (only 2 pages!), respectively.

I wasn’t too worried during this sickness, just feeling physically terrible. Colleagues taught my class for 3 days; I watched whoever and whatever passed outside the bedroom window; my waiban accompanied me to the hospital where they told me with great certainty that "probably I had the flu" and "maybe [I was] a little contagious," and proceeded to prescribe the entiry pantheon of antivirals, antibacterials, and herbal cough syrup. No, the real reason is because….. I have a kitten! A fierce, adorable little kitten named Zoe:

See how fierce he is?! um….yeah. (the basin is for me, to wash my face, etc., village-style, in the absence of still-not-running water.) Zoe even protects my computer sometimes:

A note about the name: this cat is Zoe, "Zo" for short. Which conveniently sounds like "dzo"—a yak-cow hybrid. So this xiao-mao 小猫 [cat] is now linked to mao-niu 牦牛 [yaks]. And it looks like s/he knows it!

Oh, and yes: Chinese cats really do eat rice. And it turns out that it’s extraordinarily simple to buy a pig heart in Shangri-la.

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2 Responses to And now a guest post from the magical land of Shangri-la

  1. wei_k says:

    gah, links didn’t come through.
    -NYT internet-in-China article:
    -Chronicles of a Blood Merchant article:
    Thanks for posting this for me. 😉 Now let’s see whether I can manage to successfully link to this post in my journal….

  2. OMG! So so sooooooo cute.And you’re in China!!
    Awesome! Hope you’re all recovered from the flu – I currently have a cold and feel like pooh.

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