Trying to maintain some perspective in this world

Like, people are starving themselves to death over real issues and I’m happy that my floor is clean?  Sadly, yes.  I’m getting ready for Passover at my house tomorrow, and that involves cooking and cleaning.  Last week we bought a new vacuum cleaner that actually picks up cat hair, and I just washed all my floors downstairs. I pulled out all the “good” silverware and washed it.  I bemoaned the fact that Andrea, who has more haggadot than I do, won’t be here (second year in a row!) so we’ll have to make do with lesser versions.

I’ve begun accumulating ingredients and beginning to prepare the food I’ll be making.  Note the not-necessarily-but-what-the-hey gluten-free products for Eli.  Think we have enough wine? I may have to get some more. (Four 22 and 23-year-olds are coming.)

You know, instead of matzoh ball soup and matzoh...

Today it is sunny and cold, which is a change from snowing and cold (yesterday) and windy and cold (Friday).  It’s a really big change from earlier in the week, when a couple days of warm weather coaxed the bloodroot into blooming. Now I think it is shivering.

Because it felt like winter yesterday evening, I made a winter dinner: nut loaf, mashed potatoes and salad.  You can tell by the quality of the photography that I take my own photos, unlike vegweb…..

Hey! I like these captions on wordpress! Even if I have nothing important to say!

As long as the oven was on, we made some baked tofu too.

So tomorrow’s Passover, and on Tuesday I’ll be flying out to Boston for a second seder and a week visiting relatives.  That will be my entire spring break….. but let’s keep it real.  I have nothing to complain about!

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2 Responses to Trying to maintain some perspective in this world

  1. ibuibulai says:

    I posted something this morning but then the internet cut out so it was lost. :-/ The gist of it was something like: I like your header image except it makes me homesick; nice pics—and yeah, I like the captions option too; happy passover!! I hope it’s great. I guess I could make charoset probably.

  2. wingraclaire says:

    I think we’ll have two kinds of charoset this year. I’ll let you know!

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