Home Sweet Home!

I am back from New England; glad I went and happy to be home.  Although….. I wouldn’t have minded spending the day in Boston today.  After a week of cold, wet, stormy weather, today dawned sunny and mild.  By the time I left, it was a lovely day in the 60’s. Children scurried around searching for Easter eggs in the “old burying grounds” outside the church in Harvard Square, and it seemed as if the entire population had put on shorts and flip-flops.  Me, I was wearing my calf-high, quilt-lined puddle boots.  All week, they had served me just fine.  Now they were too much, but too large for my suitcase, so I had to wear them.

It was actually snowing when I left Wisconsin on Tuesday. I know I posted about that from my ipod; here is a photo.

I spent a day in Cape Cod wearing everything I owned, and then some.  (This photo is of Aunt Diane; just to give you the idea that it was April 20th and felt like February. )

She is wearing my sweater on top of everything else. I was wearing her windbreaker over my winter coat and whined anyway.

More about all of that later.  But at the end of that very cold day, there was leftover matzoh ball soup.  And that was just what we needed!


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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home!

  1. ibuibulai says:

    welcome back! and hopefully to better weather than when you left.

  2. Hello!
    That Matzoh soup looks delicious – perfect for defrosting your hands and toes.

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