Three hours and I’m still alive; a good sign…

Once again, it’s been a long time since we’ve been to the store.  We try to use up as much as we can so less goes to waste.  However, I’ve missed having a salad….. until today.  While I was taking a walk, muttering to myself about all the invasive garlic mustard that seems to be taking over my valley, I realized that even though I could not single-handedly eradicate it, I could at least eat some of it.  So I picked a  bunch, and threw in some dandelion greens too.

With some grated carrots, leftover parsley from Passover, and a few chickpeas, they made a great salad.  A was a little leery of my Euell Gibbons experience, but when I ate it he joined in.  I mean, I’m sure I picked the right stuff…. I’ll keep you posted…

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