May Day means it’s got to be getting warmer someday, right?

After so much rain, clouds, wind and cold, May Day dawned bright and sunny.  It fooled us because it was still darn cold out.  The previous day, it had been slightly warmer, but so windy you couldn’t tell.  Claudia and I went to check out the Mount Horeb yard sales.  Can you identify this item?  It’s something I’ve been wishing I had every time the rice boils over because my lowest simmer is not low enough.  In my mind’s eye, I remember it used on an electric range, and I have gas, so I hope it will work.  And it only cost a quarter!

What, exactly, do you call this?

Speaking of something I have been wishing for but not wanting to go out and buy…. a pressure cooker has sort of been on my list.  “Sort of,” because I have a fear of pressure cookers, passed on to my by my mother.  This little guy was another yard sale find.  The joke will be when I don’t pressure-fry any chicken! It came without any instructions or manual, but I was able to find one online.

Not just for chickens anymore?

It was so cold out (HOW cold was it?) that I made another batch of matzoh ball soup, because you can never get enough.

And I tried making brown rice congee.  I loved congee in Hong Kong, and we’ve talked about making it here, but the recipes are all for white rice, and I like eating brown.  I did find a slow-cooker recipe that was so simple, it’s amazing I’ve never tried it before.  All I did was add ten cups of water and a bit of salt to one cup of brown rice.  It cooked overnight, and it made a LOT.  In the morning, I added some cinnamon, flax, brown sugar, raisins, and chopped peanuts to my bowl.  (In Hong Kong I remember containers of chopped peanuts on the table.) It was delicious.

Sorry; it's a little blurry!

I didn’t want to flavor the whole batch, because I wanted to use the rest to make something for dinner. This evening I sauteed some vegetables, added the leftover congee and some bouillon, and stirred in some of these Trader Joe’s spiced soybeans I acquired in a moment of impulse buying.  (“Add to soups!  Only $.99!”)  It all tasted pretty darn good.  That was tonight, another sunny but cold day.

But back to May Day.  At least the robins think it is spring.  Check out this nest on the back of my house!

Happy May!

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