Big Points for Just Trying

Last week I attended a conference for math teachers… or I guess anyone who is interested in math education.  It was a two-day conference, held in a resort/convention center up North in Green Lake, Wisconsin, and as usual I tried to be proactive about food.  When I called up there, I spoke to the nicest person in the kitchen.  She asked me what I ate, and whether tofu was OK.  Then she told me that for either of the two lunches, if I were to go to the first serving line (there were three!) and tell them I was vegan, they would bring me something.  On the first day, I barely had a half hour between sessions, and had to go out to the “barbecue tent” where you got to box up a lunch to go.  I had a veggie burger with all the trimmings, potato chips, water, fruit…. but wished I was in the dining hall with whatever they’d promised me!  On the second day, when I made my request, they invited me to go sit down and they would bring me something.  So I got some salad for the salad bar, never dreaming I would be served an enormous plate of food.

That's grilled tofu, mushrooms, corn, peppers, potatoes, and spices on a bed of steamed pea pods and bean sprouts!

Isn’t the presentation beautiful, even in this less-than-beautiful cell phone photo?  I actually ate all of it!  And it was delicious.  How kind they were to actually make an effort to create something this nice!

I spose I should say something about how great the conference was, and how much I learned – and I did!  The best part was that there were so many activities I learned that integrated math and science, such as the lesson in which we created an active galaxy with a black hole at the center out of a bagel, a doughnut hole, two ice cream cones and a lot of frosting.  The idea is that after learning about the shape of such a galaxy, students would then create a paper model and then a computer simulation.  (But I think they’ll remember the junk food for a looooong time…..)

I’m going to admit it right now: I did eat some of my bagel with the frosting on it!

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2 Responses to Big Points for Just Trying

  1. michelle says:

    hey:) awhile back you won a straw giveaway at my blog, could you send me your address so i can get it out to you?

    frosting goes on everything

  2. ibuibulai says:

    I realize I never replied to this post. 1) That’s fantastic (and surprising) that they made such a nice dish for you!! (I mean, I’m glad they did, it’s just not typical for a place to take vegetarianism/veganism seriously, right? And especially w/ the whole “what do you eat?” question.)
    2) um…. black hole galaxy? Yum bagel?

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