Well, VB graduated from the University of Minnesota last Sunday, May 15th.  It was a kind of cold but sunny day in Minneapolis.  The graduation was inside the enormous hockey arena.

We were in the nosebleed seats.

Can YOU spot your own child? Fortunately, someone three spots in front of her had applied rhinestones to her mortarboard, so I could keep track...

There were 1,200 graduates at this ceremony!  I know the temptation is to scoff at the seeming impersonality and facelessness of such an event.  Each ant-sized figure down there is like a cog in the enormous machine of a state school……until it’s your little cog’s name getting called.  That’s her.  Entering from the right at about 17 seconds in. Trust me.

PM couldn’t make it from China, but older brother (who should have identifying initials himself, so I’ll call him SA for Salaam Aleikem) made the trip.  Grandparents came in from Rhode Island.  It was a reunion! (Most of my photos were terrible, unfortunately….)

Speaking of initials, it’s time to change VB’s.  After a summer working and saving some money, she’ll be heading to Israel for an internship.  Hakol B’seder is the Hebrew equivalent of Va Bene, so HB it is!  Congratulations, HB!

She graduated "with high distinction," with a degree in Cinema and Media Studies.

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5 Responses to Graduation!

  1. ibuibulai says:

    I’m not objecting to these initial nicknames you’re giving us, but…. you know they’re really kitschy, right?

  2. wingraclaire says:

    Of course, but the idea was to protect your identity, correct?

  3. Andrea says:

    OK, I’m trying once again to leave a comment even though none of my others ever show up, but I had to say congratulations to R! I think everyone looks great in your photos, but why aren’t there any of you? BTW, we’re here!

  4. wingraclaire says:

    You’re here! Yay!

    I like to be the one behind the camera, not in front of it.

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