Die, Garlic Mustard, Die!

Garlic mustard is a highly invasive species in Wisconsin.  In the past few years, I have watched it slowly make its way into our valley.  This year it reached our property.  If you haven’t seen our yard in awhile, you’d be surprised at how awful it is.  This is how it looks out by the road.  Closer in, it’s not so bad – yet.

The way to deal with it effectively is to pull out each and every plant, put it into black plastic bags, and haul it off to a distant landfill.  No burning, no composting, no cutting. It grows in a two-year cycle, so it has to be done aggressively for at least a couple of years.  Just thinking about it makes me tired.  So far, all I have done is pick it to eat.  We’ve had it in salads and soups, and I’ve stir-fried it with onions and tofu.  This past weekend, I thought of making pesto with it.  Not bad, actually!

This was the first weekend in three weeks that I’d been a) home, b) not sick, and 3) not working on too much.  I was sooooo ready to cook some things, I also made bread, grilled our first asparagus spears, and lentil soup (with added garlic mustard) (not pictured).

The baby birds are really growing!  It’s amazing to watch them day by day.  Here’s the much-improved-looking tots on Sunday:

And Mama bird came to feed them!


Tuesday (today) Look at the stinkeye the little guy is giving me:

"Why are the paparazzi constantly stalking us?"

Also on the weekend, I experimented with biodegradable plastic made from cornstarch, corn oil, and water.  When microwaved, it turns rubbery and you can mold it into a bouncy ball.  And this fits into my curriculum how?  Why, Wisconsin industry and agriculture, of course!

Looks ugly, but really bounces!

Looks ugly, but really bounces!

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3 Responses to Die, Garlic Mustard, Die!

  1. ibuibulai says:

    Hey so what qualifies pesto as “pesto”? like, could I make it where I am, do you think???? Is it the pine nuts / addition of nuts to any kind of blended up greens? or should there still be basil involved? or….???

    Those birds are growing fast. And the yard is so green already…. must be not being 3 km up.

    Speaking of biodegradable plastic (weird), I just listened to a really interested New Yorker podcast about lab-grown meat! Check it out. (or, you know, the corresponding article.)

  2. Andrea says:

    I’ve been eating the pesto day and night and still have about half left — you really packed the jar! The first night we had lentil soup with pesto on bread. Then K left and the next night I had pesto in lentil soup. Then pesto with tempeh, broccoli and pasta. Tonight I’ll add it to lima bean soup. Tomorrow … ? THANK YOU!!! It was great! (But I still don’t want garlic mustard growing in my yard.)

  3. wingraclaire says:

    I don’t want it to be as invasive in the refrigerator as it is in the yard!

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