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All my bags are packed….

… including my camera.  If it weren’t, I’d post a picture of the lovely wraps we had for dinner, filled with delicious tempeh salad (recipe courtesy of Abby Bean), quinoa salad, and Indiana-grown corn.  Mmmmmmmm….. Tomorrow we leave for the … Continue reading

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School’s Out for the Summer!

Friday was my last day to be at school; students had graduated and left the week before, but teachers were busy meeting, cleaning and packing.  During that week of limbo, I drifted about in a state of anxiety.  There was … Continue reading

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Who’s That Handsome Cat?

After a few months of medication, Spunky has basically reverted to a lighter, frailer version of his old self.  However, there are times when we are convinced that he’s really “not all there,” and the vet did tell us that … Continue reading

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