School’s Out for the Summer!

Friday was my last day to be at school; students had graduated and left the week before, but teachers were busy meeting, cleaning and packing.  During that week of limbo, I drifted about in a state of anxiety.  There was so much left to do; would I be ready to leave the classroom in time? On Friday night, I was left with a feeling of un-reality.  Hard to believe that one school year is over, and I have a break before planning for the next.  (Who am I kidding. I’m already planning for the next.  First unit: The 1970′s.  First science project: make a lava lamp.  I’m all over it.)

During that week I also had a birthday.  We’d thought of going out for dinner, but as usual we were too lazy, and HB was happy to make one of our favorite pasta sauces and some whole wheat bowties.  Here we are eating it with another easy favorite, focaccia bread slathered with that garlic-mustard pesto and Trader Joe’s Bruschetta.

For dessert, I made some strawberry-banana sorbet.  This was the easiest thing ever.  It’s made with frozen strawberries and bananas.  I added a little sugar too.  The trick is to let the berries thaw for about half an hour before processing them. It was super-rich and super-delicious!



This weekend has been very food-related. I prepared a meal for a co-worker recovering from back surgery, baked cookies for a gathering at my neighbor’s house, and attended Madison’s first-ever Vegan Fest!

I used my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Vive la Vegan!

I had high hopes for the event.  We come from a long line of food co-op workers, and my kids were raised on natural food “fairs.”  They all remember grazing at their favorite vendors’ tables; sometimes until they were sternly sent away!  (Was it the Cloud Nine chocolate or the pickles and olives?)  Anyway, we all miss the excitement of new products and free samples.  Today’s Vegan Fest was a good start.  Crowded and small, it nevertheless yielded some delicious samples, and a chance to meet up with friends.  I hope it continues next year… I’ll still be hungry.

Here our Vegetarian Meetup organizer Dave chats with Andrea of Easy Vegan fame.


Some kind of potato crisps, rice cheese, and Tofurkey.


We really loved these Field Roast sausages.


Lots of animal rights stuff.

Be sure to check out Andrea’s blog for more photos.

My next project is: preparing for our upcoming trip to China!  More about that later…..

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2 Responses to School’s Out for the Summer!

  1. ibuibulai says:

    Yummmmm. i’m looking forward to cooking together with you in China!!!!! and I do miss food fairs…. I think we did get sent away from the chocolate, olives/pickles, AND the licorice tables!

  2. it was the annie’s mac and cheese table. they can’t say “free samples” and then stop giving us samples…

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