China’s bountiful markets

When we left Wisconsin, the Farmers’ Markets were just starting to take off.  You could get greens, but most vegetables weren’t available yet.  We were overwhelmed by the variety, abundance, and beauty of Kunming’s marketplace.  Yunnan Province borders on Laos, Thailand and Myanmar to the west and south, and all kinds of fruits and vegetables are grown in that tropical region.  Of course, right around Kunmingwe saw miles and miles of cultivated fields as well.  All these contributed to the amazing spectacle we witnessed on market day….

….. mushrooms are a Yunnan Specialty Product, and we saw all kinds of mushrooms and other fungi, many of which were totally new to us.

These are enormous. I'm not sure whether we tried these or another kind, but the orange appearance is striking.

Honeycomb - bees included!

Just a few kinds of peppers!

A variety of ginger I have never seen, and some long green onion... or maybe chive...

Some squash and melon varieties I have never seen... don't you just want to buy some?

I had heard of mangosteens, but never seen them before.  They have a sweet, delicate flavor unlike anything I have ever tasted.



Daikon radishes as long as my arm!

um, where do I even start?

Dates and other dried foods... rock sugar, brown sugar...

Of course, there were vendors selling food in different phases of production.  Some foods were “ingredients” for meals… a zillion varieties of tofu….

That brown kind in the middle is called "blood tofu." It actually IS made from blood!

I wanted some of that warm, silken tofu pudding in the foreground, but had just eaten breakfast.

…. and all kinds of fresh noodles…..

Note, in the background, the size of the mushroom that woman is holding!

I never found out what fresh corn paste, or fresh bean paste, could be used to make.  But here it is produced/ground right before your eyes!

Finally, there were the “meals ready to eat.”  I never really saw anything that appealed to me….. like the stewed chicken feet….

…or the variety of prepared seafood ready for takeout….

…we do like, baozi (steamed buns) though!

I know I said, “finally,” but there is more, and I’m including the “more” because it was there and impossible to ignore.  Meat is a fact of life for just about everyone there.  We did meet some vegetarians, but as you can see below, they are few and far between.

Fresh... or at least, raw....

You know THIS is fresh, because you choose the fish you want and the guy clubs it to death for you.

No comment on this last one…..


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2 Responses to China’s bountiful markets

  1. ibuibulai says:

    man I meant to reply to this one… was going to say i do like that bottommost photo!! and that I’m surprised you left out the woman of mushroom vendor squatting on countertop. maybe it can be part of a squatting blogpost. or some such thing. (sorry my brain is sort of fried….making my english kind of down-going.)

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