Chinese Food

Last night I returned from my classroom’s annual two-day camping/team building/bonding trip to Upham Woods in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells.  Actually, we returned at the end of the school day, but then I had to rush off to my 2 1/2 hour class I’m taking so I’ll be certified to have student teachers in my classroom.  By the time I was heading through our little town of Mount Horeb at 7:00 p.m., takeout food sounded pretty good.  I stopped at ye olde only “Chinese” restaurant we have, and brought home some sauteed vegetables and “Szechuan Tofu.”  It wasn’t bad, and it was even prepared by authentic Chinese people, but it wasn’t what we had come to expect and enjoy on our trip to China…..

Our first, and possibly one of the best, meals in China. Kunming, Yunnan Province

You are looking at some delectable eggplant and beans, mixed vegetables, and something called “Grandmother’s potatoes,” which were mashed with oil, scallions and garlic.  Really delicious!

Congee (rice porridge) with greens and chopped peanuts

Back alley dumpling shop, Kunming, Yunnan Province

Kumning, Yunnan Province

In the above photo,  you see a grated-potato dish (kind of similar to a Jewish latke), sauteed vegetables, a fresh and spicy cucumber salad (more about raw food in a later post), and of course eggplant…. we really loved eggplant dishes in China.  They tasted so much better than what I make at home.  Probably because they are swimming in ten times the amount of oil I would use….

This dish contains some Yunnan mushrooms. Dali, Yunnan Province

More dumplings... mmmmm.... Dali, Yunnan Province

Big bowl of noodles with tofu and greens. Jianchuan, Yunnan Province

Beautifully presented and delicious meal in a traditional Tibetan-style restaurant. Shangri-La, Yunnan Province

Most delicious single dish we had on the whole trip, in my opinion. It contained some Yunnan speciality mushrooms! Schuho, Yunnan Province

 Naturally, we asked for vegetarian food wherever we went.  However, it didn’t stop us from noticing what else was available…..

Yup, coulda had that congee with fresh saffron caterpillar fungus meatballs.....

You could say that it was  Chinese food that started our family’s pilgrimage to China.  If it hadn’t been for PM’s taste in food, she would not have chosen to go to Chinese camp over ten years ago.  That led to Chinese in college …. and rest is history!

Next time: Chinese food on the streets.

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One Response to Chinese Food

  1. ibuibulai says:

    I my gosh, I guess it has been over 10 years since Sen Lin Hu. crazy. Even though I was there and eating it all with you, it was fun to see it again in pics. 🙂 And I agree, those mushrooms at that little place in Shuhe were phenomenal. I think they were called something like “cow liver mushrooms.” Glad to hear that ye olde MH chinese food shop isn’t terrible.

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