Thinking back to a country without time zones…

This evening I set my clocks back an hour.  Hey, now I don’t have to go to bed yet!  It makes us think about China, where there is one big time zone and no daylight savings.  It makes us think back, now that we are three months removed from the experience, to what we miss about China.  (It also makes us realize we have a zillion more photos to post, and this is as good an excuse as any.) The photos look kind of small, but if you click on them, you can see greater detail.

What do I miss?  Well, lets start with warm soymilk for breakfast… in the photo below, I had it “to go” in a plastic bag for a long bus trip to Lugu Lake. It was a cold morning, so I held onto it as long as I could! (In the bag are some so-called whole wheat walnut muffin-type things.  Purchased in Shangri-La – that’s the next photo.)

The milk comes with a straw to jab into the bag!

Or wholt wheat. Whatever.

I miss the incredible mountains.  Wisconsin is kinda flat….

Road to Shangri-La, as seen from bus window.

I miss the vibrant markets….

Is this enough pepper? Because the next stall probably has some more. Shaxi market, Yunnan Province.

I miss the ubiquitous temples and their beautiful prayer flags.

Hundred Chickens Temple, Shangri-La

I miss the people, even the ones who pointed at us and called us “foreigners.”  (OK, that was most of them 🙂

They certainly liked being photographed with foreigners though! In front of World's Largest Prayer Wheel, Shangri-La

I miss the mystifying signs.  This one isn’t really Chinglish, but what is it, exactly?


Of course, most of all I miss the person we went to see, and will not see again until next summer!!!  Here we are in the gondola coming down from Cangshan Mountain, Dali.

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4 Responses to Thinking back to a country without time zones…

  1. ibuibulai says:

    I miss you too!!! :-/

    But….. if I stay in China next year to study (after first coming home in the summer, of course!!), then maybe the summer after you could come back?

  2. What did you say, ibuibulai? Another year?

    Thanks for posting the photos, Claire. It’s so exciting to see where you all have been (and still are). I will probably never see these places. 😦

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