Does This Look Like Winter to You?

I didn’t think so.  We have had day after day in the 30’s and 40’s F, and mind you, I don’t miss shoveling my walk.  Or driving to school on the edge of my seat, peering through a snowstorm.  Or slipping and falling…. wait, we DID have ice for several days, and I DID get stuck in my friend’s driveway.  However, it is still more like late March than early January in Wisconsin.  

Therefore, we have to pretend it’s winter and cook accordingly.  It’s not as if we have a choice of vegetables the way we did in the legitimately warmer months.  No, it’s still root vegetables and canned/frozen ingredients.  Winter is for soups, in our opinion, and we have been creating soup after soup lately.  At least half of them have been from the new Anna Thomas cookbook, Love Soup.  We are long-time fans of the original Vegetarian Epicure (still my go-to curry and dal recipes), and even though I thought I had enough cookbooks already, I’m making an exception for this one.  I had read several of Andrea’s posts with luscious-sounding soups, so I was all prepared to love this book.  And I do  – but so does the other cook around here.  So far, he has made pea soup, a vegetable soup, and this evening it was Swiss Chard and Yam Soup.  Utterly delicious – sorry, the photo doesn’t do it justice. 

Meanwhile, I’ve taken advantage of having my oven back, making bread, muffins, cake and my favorite lasagna, based on Fat-Free Vegan’s Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna recipe.  I added eggplant and zucchini, and because I had leftover Daiya cheese, I threw that in as well.  Cooking has become more fun lately, because we just upgraded in the kitchen.  We are using our one and only Chanukah present to ourselves (if you don’t count our trip to China), our new food processor.  Now, we already did have food processor, which was probably brand new during the Ford administration.  We had inherited it from my mother-in-law, and it was still basically functioning.  However, the shredding blade had broken, and the chopping blades weren’t sharp enough to cut much anymore.  It was time… so we have warmly welcomed this new appliance into our kitchen.

It made blending the tofu and spinach so easy! Can’t wait to use it some more!

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3 Responses to Does This Look Like Winter to You?

  1. Oh man, a new food processor. Don’t I wish. Mine looks like a relic from the distant past.
    So you’re saying that after we leave Wisconsin, the weather gets nice? Is it warm AND sunny? Your winter scene (unless it includes sunshine) sounds a lot like ours with one big exception. I was noticing on my walks lately that although it’s January, all the grass is alive and green. It seems so weird. I’m sure it was alive and green last winter, too, but suddenly it’s become more noticeable to me. It’s weird.
    Ken’s making a soup from the very same book as I type. Something with red lentils, squash and sweet potato.

  2. wingraclaire says:

    We get frost every night, so that eliminates the possibility of healthy lawn 🙂 BUT it’s pretty great from my old-timer’s point of view anyway.

    This evening we mixed it up a bit and made borscht from the Moosewood, our other old standby.

  3. ibuibulai says:

    yum, soup….. mmmm. Wow, no snow!! I see in the weather report it’s STILL snowing in shangri-la, and it snowed all last week too. New food processor is super spiffy.

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