Our Eclipse

Or not.  We had been informed that this evening’s annular eclipse would be partially visible from the Midwest; that is, the sun would be partially obscured.  Although rain had been predicted, this evening was sunny and cool.  Well, if you live in a valley, as we do, you should learn not to count on the weather above you to be indicative of the weather out there in general.  At the appointed time, we hopped into the car to drive to a hill with a good view.  Driving up the hill, we realized that although there had been sun above our house, the entire western horizon was  becoming obscured by heavy storm clouds. 

Actually, we did try to view that bit of sun through a peephole to see whether it would be occluded, but no.

A lovely, view, but we’ll have to gaze upon this celestial phenomenon, not to be repeated in our lifetime, on someone else’s website.  *sigh*

To the south, it wasn’t too bad.  Enjoy Wisconsin’s pastoral (pastural?)  loveliness.

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2 Responses to Our Eclipse

  1. Kailah says:

    beautiful pictures anyway!

  2. I agree with Kailah. There was no possibility of seeing the eclipse here, either, so don’t look for pictures on my blog. By the way, from what I know of recent Madison weather, I think you should consider changing your header to reflect global warming.

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