Memorial Day Weekend.

Well, it’s been a quiet weekend in Lake Wobegon again.  We’d had a looong week, and welcomed the break.  We started with pizza –  you know, I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of cheezy spreads, but this was just straight Tofutti not-cream-cheese spread on the crust, under the sauce, and it was darn good!


Of course, being Memorial Day weekend, it did have to storm and rain.  Here is the flooded driveway:

After the storm, the sun came out…..

Wait, where are the monkey bars?

They have been removed – no more kids, and it gets in the way of mowing!

This year we are planting the tomatoes in buckets, away from the rest of the garden.

The peonies are blooming.

The berries will be ripe soon.

The whatchamacallit is blooming.

The garden is planted…..

Home sweet home.



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8 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend.

  1. Kailah says:

    Wow, enchanted valley!! Everything is so lush and beautiful. I miss it.

  2. ditto what Kailah said. The whatchamacalit is a clematis, and I’d sure like to know whatever happened to the great one we had on Keyes. (Well, former tenants, anything to say about that?) Have you tried grilling your pizza? Noah does that a lot and it really tastes great. Of course now that I eat gluten-free, no more grilled pizza for me. Tsk. I’m going outside right now to plant our little garden — the tomatoes are in but I’ve got more stuff to plant. Why buckets?

    • wingraclaire says:

      There’s a longstanding belief that tomatoes should not be planted in the same place two years in a row. Last year the tomatoes developed some rust/wilt/icky stuff that persisted. And we had rotated the tomatoes too! This year they are getting out of Dodge completely, out in the full sun (as full as it can get in the valley) in some brand new soil.

  3. Maybe what I meant to say was, what’s sun? Here, if it’s not raining, and it’s at least 60˚ people put on their summer clothes and say it’s a beautiful, sunny day. I thought “sunny” was more specific than that. I thought it required sun.

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