The Garden in Drought – and Weeds

It’s been days, maybe weeks, since it really rained.  This is taking a toll on the garden.  So are moles (tunneling under plants and leaving the earth ready to collapse), and nameless bugs eating delicate leaves.  Nevertheless, the weeds are thriving.

How ’bout this rurally evocative scene?

Spinach.  See how parched the ground is?





Something’s eating the Bok Choy!


Something’s eating the eggplant too.

Flowers are on their way!

At least the tomatoes are growing!

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1 Response to The Garden in Drought – and Weeds

  1. It rains all the time here but my garden isn’t growing either. And things are eating the plants. I took a slug off the dill and I see slime trails on other plants. I’d say the slugs are growing. My broccoli looks the same as it did three weeks ago when I planted it. The only plants that grow are the ones in pots, and I think it’s because the soil is better than what’s in the beds. The only flower that isn’t being eaten is the coreopsis, so I’m tempted to plant more of that.

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