Drought, and varmints

This weather is really taking its toll on the yard and garden.  The lawn is dead (upside = not having to mow).  

Somehow these are blooming….

Theses asters should not have opened until August.

The weeping willow does NOT like this drought.

The asparagus was done anyway.

The black-caps are mainly small and seedy, if there are any at all.  Most days, there are only a few good ones surrounded by stunted coulda-been berries. 

The garden is suffering, and not just from the heat (106 last week, and definitely in the 80’s and 90’s F since).  We are also the target of raccoons and rabbits.  Although we were happy to harvest a few heads of broccoli, and the zucchini seems rabbit-proof, we can’t say the same for the kale (all gone) and the rest of the broccoli – so far!  I’m worried about the sweet corn, because we (and by we, I mean my husband) caught a raccoon in the rabbit trap yesterday.  I know how raccoons love sweet corn!  And despite the Elmer Fudd attitude we immediately adopt when we see the garden damage, the trapped animals are LET GO, ok?  We’re vegetarians, after all!

For some reason, Spotty LOVES it when it’s hot out.  She goes to sleep under the grill, which has to be super hot (like a black tent!) down there.  Here I have forced her to drink a little water…..

I KNOW I shouldn’t complain too much – Wisconsin’s farmers are experiencing total crop loss.  For example, the feed-corn is completely stunted.  Have you ever seen such pathetic plants?

Totally deformed.

Welcome to our new quote: Shhhh!  I’m hunting wabbits!

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