October has been funny.  (And: not in a funny way.) One minute it’s warm and sunny, and the next it’s sleeting.   When we had the freeze warnings over the weekend, we knew it was time to cover up some items and haul in the rest.  Who knew that under all the jungle canopy of the butternut squash plants, there would be over 30 of these things??? (You should see the pile of bok choy!)

It’s a good thing we love squash, although they definitely won’t stay good long enough to eat them.  We’ve been giving some away, and also eating it.  Here, for example, is a version of the shepherd’s pie I made last Thanksgiving, only with tempeh.  Topped, of course, with squash. 

This evening we had roasted squash cubes, although there is more explanation to this dinner than meets the eye.  Someone in this house besides me is on an elimination diet.  At the moment it’s curtailing even the rice intake around here, not to mention some other common foods we’ve been consuming on the vegan and gluten-free diet.  Onions are off the list, for example, as well as some fruits.  Tonight’s meal was roasted squash, millet pilaf with vegetables, and tofu with gluten-free hoisin sauce.  Absolutely delicious, of course!

This is the Vegan Month of Food, where vegans blog uncontrollably and share zillions of recipes.  I’ve participated in the past, but now I’m just reading blogs to my heart’s content.  I feel busy… wait… I AM busy.  But still cooking!

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5 Responses to Squashed

  1. Hey there! All that squash is amazing, just amazing. I seriously want to be like you someday, with a huge garden and tons of gardening skills!

    I don’t know if you saw what I responded to you when you commented on my blog a few days ago (probably not, who checks that stuff?), but I’m going to copy & paste it here for you.

    “Yup, I just read your blog all the way back to January of 2011. Great blog!! Seriously, it’s very interesting, and pretty darn witty. I email subscribed.

    I’m dying to know what brought your daughter to Pittsburgh, and where she is on your family’s Venn diagram of eating! Reading through, it seemed like your daughters are out of college, so unless she came for grad school (totally possible), I wouldn’t think it was for school.”

    • wingraclaire says:

      Actually she moved for love… and in the Venn Diagram, she fell off the veg wagon and is now a meat eater (although not constantly). All my kids were raised vegetarian. You’re right, I don’t go back and read replies to comments, but I should!!! Thanks!

  2. cookeasyvegan says:

    That is a hell of a lot of squash! I’m impressed with your gardening prowess, especially since mine has evaporated in the PNW. I just haven’t synced with the growing patterns yet — maybe next year. Do you harden off the squash so it will keep longer?

  3. Kailah says:

    Wow that’s a lot of squash, alright! The squash shepards pie looks especially good. Though what with all the specialized diets going on, soon I’m afraid none of you will be able to eat anything at all!! Hopefully you can still come to China again and manage to eat something.
    On my end, in class today I said that WI has grasslands and that there are lots of fruits and veggies. Do you think meadows/pastures can count as “grasslands”??

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