Killing Frost Approacheth

And the guy with the scythe was at it in the garden.  Anyone want some parsley? 

This evening for dinner we had a lot of greens (hauled from the garden), squash (ditto) and one of my favorite dishes.  I don’t normally gush about much of what I make; it’s usually fine and sometimes delicious.  But every once in awhile something tastes seriously awesome, and tonight’s dinner was.  That’s because I made Mark Bittman’s Chickpea Flatbread in a slightly deeper dish, which makes it more quiche-like.  

Here is how to make it, which is not a secret as he published it in the NY Times years ago:

1 cup Besan (chickpea flour), 1 tsp. salt.  Whisk with 1 1/2 cups water and set aside for awhile (not that long). 

Meanwhile, chop some onions.  Heat the oven to 450F.  Place the onions in a cast-iron pan (I just used a tart pan) with oil and herbs (don’t skimp on the oil – use a few tablespoons).  Heat the onion/oil/herbs in the oven until you really smell them.  Then pour in the besan mixture and bake 40 minutes or so.  I baked this longer because I had some add-ins – peppers and tomatoes.  This is so easy to make, and so scrumptious! 

And tonight it’s going to be very cold!!!

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2 Responses to Killing Frost Approacheth

  1. Kailah says:

    Papa certainly LOOKS cold in that pic! though he does have a beer. And yeah that’s a lot of parsley!! Personally I never know what to do with more than a tiny amount of parsley so I’d be at a total loss. Here the heat has begun to turn on intermittantly, which is SO NICE

  2. cookeasyvegan says:

    I’m very fond of chickpea flat bread and quiche. I just wish I had my big cast iron pan here ’cause it would be perfect for this dish.

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