Demolition Man

It’s fall, and the frosts have left our yard looking wintry.  Except for the lawn, which still continues to grow!  It’s like the end of the drought woke up the grass and it had to make up for lost time.  Amazingly, everyone keeps mowing their lawns.  The asparagus has died back; the lovely leaves (photographed last weekend) all blew off in the impressive storm we had during the week.  Seriously, one day it was 70 and I was in a t-shirt.  The next day, an enormous wind brought us rain and Novembry weather. This weekend it is bright, clear and cold.  Just the weather that makes someone in my family want to go and do stuff outdoors, and ripping down an old building (I think it was the original garage) was just the thing.  Over the years, he had stripped off the siding, taken the roof down a floor, and generally began the process.  Yesterday was the big day.   Spotty watches, but the event seems to have no impact on her at all.In food news, more kale and squash, and a recipe we tested…. stay tuned!



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3 Responses to Demolition Man

  1. Kailah says:

    that’s so weird about the lawn! Spotty looks pissed. Good to see pictures! Nice pics.

  2. Anty says:

    Is Spotty still crying?

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