What was I thinking?

It was a busy day, and my plan was to make one thing: some pesto.   But of course then I remembered I couldn’t use the blender because the rubber ring/gasket thingie is cracked and now liquid leaks out.  I’ve been looking for a replacement (they exist) but haven’t yet found one.  Papa offered me some rubber from the leftover rolled roofing so I could cut out a piece, but I wondered whether it was food-grade rubber.  (Probably not.)  Casting about for something to use, I decided that this old placemat had seen better days.  We did love this one, didn’t we?  Especially when we could learn that some birds say, "Rab Rab."  So here it is for your nostalgic pleasure….
and then here is the ring I cut out of it.  It seemed to work reasonably well…

Anyway, I used Eat, Drink and Be Vegan’s Lemony-Cashew Pesto recipe again…

and while I was making it I remembered how beautiful the stuffed shells she created with it looked on her blog…. so I knew I had some shells also…. and of course, wouldn’t it look MORE beautiful if half were stuffed with ricotta?  So I made that too; not too difficult…. I just didn’t realize how long it would take to stuff the shells because I had never done it before.  Fortunately, it tastes as great as it looks….

And THAT’S why I still haven’t done anything with Claudia’s apples; it’s also why I’m going to be writing my last DJ at 10:30 tonight!  

Speaking of Claudia, I’m going to second her complaint about the new LiveJournal problems.  If this text comes out super huge and in a weird color, blame the site.  I’m typing in a small font, currently in navy blue.  Any spelling mistakes are my own.

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4 Responses to What was I thinking?

  1. wei_k says:

    Oh, I do feel nostalgic about that old placemat!! It was nice to see it again, on your blog. 🙂 And the thing about Papa offering the rubber roofing for you to use, it reminds me of when we plugged a hole in the wall at the Old house with gum. Do you remember that?
    Those stuffed shells look absolutely delicious. I may begin to get gourmet in my cooking too, since I’ll have the time to do it. Exciting is that I’ve recently gotten a blender from Ivy (c/o her previous apt resident), and now can make blended things. yay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The shells look really good. But I know what you mean about things taking longer in real life than they do in your mind. That always happens to me when I make stuffed grape leaves which is why I hardly ever make them. It takes several years for me to forget how long it took.
    And yes, the type is enormous. Sheesh. On blogspot I can’t seem to copy and paste type without encountering all kinds of size and font face issues. When I get it somewhat straightened out and then edit the post, all the original font issues return. So frustrating. That’s why the last post (global warming) has multiple font faces and sizes.

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