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A Long Way From Hong Kong

We have just returned from a trip to Colorado.  When you’re traveling, it’s amazing to see how different other places can be….. and depressing to see how similar many places have become!  I mean, we drove across the states of … Continue reading

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This was dinner!

This afternoon Claudia texted me and said she was bringing something over for dinner so I wouldn’t have to cook…. we weren’t going out as we’ll be going out somewhere in Colorado.  This is the awesome dinner we ate this evening: … Continue reading

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Beautiful Cupcakes

OK, I baked them.  But Roya frosted them while I was at work 🙂 The teacher whose birthday it was liked it too!  And it did turn out to be delicious….Note the exquisite plating…. I’m supposed to be packing, actually, … Continue reading

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Vegan Cupcakes Took Over My Night!

Our staff has a tradition of picking names and preparing birthday treats.  I picked the name of someone whose birthday is June 30th, and I wanted to get it close to the actual day.  It’s going to be a busy … Continue reading

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School’s Out for the Summer!

OK; sing it with me…..I’m sure my kids are enjoying their first taste of vacation!  As for me, I still have a week of cleaning and packing up my classroom, ordering supplies for next year, meeting with other teachers and … Continue reading

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Three Kinds of Sorry

The other day I posted about all the things we’d done in our second-to-last week of school.  I did, however, omit one episode of which I am NOT proud.  You know all that ice cream we made?  Well, our school … Continue reading

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What’s next, spotted dick?

Last month I made the mistake of thinking "mushy peas" sounded funny, and was roundly set straight by my British blogger friends!  In fact, I have learned that mushy peas are not only vegan (despite being made from something called … Continue reading

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